Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is England

The Bank is an indie rock band starring Pierre Alexander (piano and yealing) and Sebastian Stelzer (guitar and singing). The group came to life at 7:02PM on February the 1st, 2008 at the Cherry Tree, and disbanded at 3:15 PM on February the 2nd at the Watercress.

In the meantime they wrote and recorded this, along with other stuff:

This is England, and that for sure is our country
This is England, so make sure you spell it properly
This is England, you may call it wild and ugly
This is England, but we'll never give ot for free

This is England, hey mate, what's wrong with you?
This is England, 3 quids will not let you go through

I know you sort of think that we should make some space
There's so many jerks around, mate, we don't own the place
They drink around and mess around, I wish some just died around
So let's make sure we always find them a spare room underground

This is England, and that for sure is our country
This is England, we like it with rice and curry
This is England, where do all these people come from?
This is England, all the roads must lead to London

The indian tribe in Leicester makes it look like a yank western
Norwich, Sheffield, Manchester, which city shall be next to burn?
This store in town sells winchesters, let's find some crooks and shoot at sight
I love my land, this is my pride, let's get the job one overnight

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