Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There's something about Laurence

I like Laurence. She's my friend. She's really really nice but above all, she's open-minded. She never judges anybody, or anything, unless she's dead sure the judgment is safe, and that's if 98.7% of the world population said it was. To make it short, she's the opposite of a snobbish person.

Sometimes on saturday afternoon we take a walk in the Montsouris public park. She holds my harm, I let her do so and I point my finger here and there at some nightingale singing in a tree. She finds it cute. And so the two of us walk and talk about things.

"Sandra took me to this rap concert, I say. I don't like rap all right. But this band really sucked."
"You can't say that, she replies. I'm sure people in the audience liked it, plus I think that every form of art deserves credit."

We get by the river and linger on the bridge. I look at her and say: "Michel's been nasty to Elise. He cheats on her every friday night. And he beats her up as well."
She gives a yawn and answers: "People shouldn't be too harsh on him. He must have some personal problems and that's the reason why he does that. We never really know what's going on behind the doors, do we?"

We lay for a while on the grass. Children play football around us. Shady ideas cross my mind. "I wonder whether islamist terrorists are real muslims, cos' if it's so, that's really scary." She gives me one of her funny looks and says: "We should read the Coran. Maybe we would understand better about them."

We reach the exit gate and step in the avenue. "I can't understand a god damned thing about modern art. It's like this Pierre Soulages guy. 200 paintings colored in black and white. No shapes. No variation. Can you imagine that?"
"Come on, Pierre, she replies. How many modern art exhibitions have you been to? It takes time to appreciate it."

We beg eachother goodbye in front of the bus stop. We get along so fine it's a mistery we never kissed. I add a final word: "By the way I changed my window shades. You know, the orange ones. I replaced them with blue ones." She stares at me angrily and says: "How could you possibly do that? It doesn't suit your apartment at all. Blue goes with white, don't you know that?"

I didn't know that, no. But I know there is something about Laurence...

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