Friday, November 7, 2008

Family blog

"Hello, my name is Wendy and I am three-months old. I'm gaining weight very fast. Yesterday I went to the doctor's office with my dad to have them check a diaper rash that was making me very upset. I feel better now.
I spend 98% of my time in my baby's bed and sometimes I'm a bit bored. So I cry and my mummy comes and holds me. I don't like when she tickles me though, I can't stand tickeling. It makes me dribble. Sometimes I think my mummy is a little bit stupid. She smiles all the time even when there is nothing funny.

My daddy has a digital camera. He loves to take pictures of me. Hundreds of them. And then he posts the pictures on the web and asks people to leave comments. This is so nice. Many people will know me now. It's a shame I can't reply to the comments myself.
Yesterday I defecated in my nappy. It really smelled like shit, but my mummy changed my nappy and put the dirty one in a bin. I wish my daddy had taken a photo of my shit and posted it on the web, so everybody could have seen it.

It's not just about me in the family. We also have a dog and a hamster. My dog's name is Timmy and my hamster's name is Pimmy. Sometimes it's confusing people because they want to call Timmy but they say "Pimmy" instead. But it doesn't make any real difference because hamsters don't answer to their name.
My daddy has made a video of me and Timmy. He posted it in our family blog too. It says: "Hello guys! This is Wendy and our hamster Timmy, they're having a great time together!"

I also have a big brother, Justin. My daddy took him to the Kindergarden for the first time the other day. This is very interesting to know and so he added a special entry on the family blog. It says: " Andrew loves school! He is so good at it, too! At our first parent teacher conference, we learned just how good Andrew is at school! He was almost perfect on all his testing, he knows almost every word he needs to know for the year right now! He also loves Spanish! The teacher is recommending additional math at home so he can be challenged! I'm so proud of my bright boy!"

I'm not so proud of my family, so if someone hears this call, please report them to the police. Otherwise I'll find a way to kill myself. It's the only way to make them stop adding pictures on the net. But even then I'm not sure. Poor, poor, poor me..."

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Anonymous said...

oh poor little Pierre. I recognize your face in the picture and nevertheless you seemed to be happy. GD

Pierre Alexander said...

Hey! That's not me. That's Wendy and Justin. Read it all again

Anonymous said...

yes but we can draw some parallels. No?
(the eyes, the hairstyle ...) HE HE