Saturday, November 1, 2008


Like everyone on Earth, you've been once or twice to your video-club renting one of these American films whose synospsis takes up two lines (a monster attacks the Big Apple and US forces fight him back) and whose budget represents half of Burundi's gross domestic product. Nevermind the cinematic considerations, and nevermind the fact that by watching Cloverfield or Godzilla on that night, you missed an golden opportunity to pay a last-chance visit to your dying grandmother. What caught my attention about this subject is something of more aerial texture.

War of the Worlds, Independance Day and their close relatives always feature monsters or aliens who lead their attack in modern times. Doing that, they foolishly expose themselves to deadly crossfires of heavy artillery, air bombing and tank assaults. US producers never miss an opportunity to bring their contribution to their country's brand image: each one of these movies is a disguised window display of updated weapons and an advertisement for America's military strength.

What if stupid King Kong or even more stupid aliens (who supposedly have the choice in the timing of their coming) had paid a visit to New York City during the Civil War or before that? Instead of the gruesome machine of war, they would have fought playmobils firing rifles and dusty cannons, and scampering in wheatfields riding horses and carriages.
I don't mean to say here that Holywood scenarists lack imagination - that would be stating the obvious - but that it really breaks my heart to see these cute creatures playing the role of punching-balls.

If I ever come to make a high-budget movie, my monster will attack Devon-by-sea in 18th century England and thrash them all to the last.

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