Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The man who'll save the world

So this is it. The new CEO of humanity has just been elected. Barack Obama is in for a five-year membership. Jenny Mitchell learned the news in her cosy Manhattan flat overlooking the New York upper bay. She couldn't meet her friends from the democrat committee who kept watching CNN all day long in a lounge bar of the sixth avenue, drinking cocktails and eating peanuts. Well, she could, but she dared not to.

For this election meant a lot to her. Another disappointment like the election of George W. in 2000 and his reelection in 2004, and she would have thrown herself under a car. A big one. A Ford, or a garbage truck. So she chose to stay at home, a box of killing pills on her night table, just next to her mobile phone.

Friends kept sending SMS updates of the latest polls, she barely looked at them. She was too tense for that. "Come on, she said. Pull yourself together. Maybe I should ring Nick." Nick is her ex-boyfriend. She kicked him out of her flat when she found him fooling around with Carole and he didn't even have his pants on.
But on that day she felt she needed him. He was a democrat too, after all. One of the good guys. And he had a wonderful penis. So she may have called him, but she didn't. The strength of women, I suppose.

But then she heard the bursts of joy in the streets. Friends called her one after another to share the delight of victory. The end of Texan rules. The end of Irak war. A hope for less social injustice. The image of America restaured abroad. If Obama was here she would kiss him. After asking Michelle's permission of course. What a nice couple they are.

Tomorrow morning, democrat upper Manhattan yuppies will go to their jobs with a smile on their face. Republican yuppies will surely not smile. But neither will they cry. And in 6 month time you won't be able to see a difference between the former and the latter. Same suit, same tie, same job, same perspectives.
Barack Obama will perhaps not save the world. He didn't promise that. But he made Jenny Mitchell happy for one day. And in 6 month time, all the subprimes she sold to save her job and her ass will be forgotten like the phases of the moon.

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