Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Women are wonderful (part 3)

Preamble: That's only part 3 and I'm already short of ideas. I guess I must be a pathetic misogynous scumbag, not being able to find one more argument to back womanhood. But I think this one could do the job.

Women are wonderful. Yes they are. Everybody knows that and those who don't should know better. And why are women wonderful? Because they have personal taste and we don't. Check this. We are the ones pigging out disgusting food in front of the TV. We are the ones buying cheap clothes and wearing them no matter what we look like. We are the ones wearing black pants and white socks without giving a shit. We are the ones spending half a minute in a furniture shop getting a wood table although it doesn't suit the rest.

A woman would never do that, because she has taste. She would yawn in front of a Wim Wenders movie, yes she would. She would spit on Serge Gainsbourg or cry her eyes out listening to Mariah Carey, but she would never buy a wood table if it didn't suit the rest.

Conclusion: It's time for you now to think about becoming a woman. Sex-change surgery is common and affordable nowadays. Just login there: and enjoy the trip

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Anonymous said... here Pierre for womanhood :)

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Linda S. Socha said...

That was pretty funny! Not sure what that says about where I am coming from today...but thanks for the fun.

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