Monday, January 5, 2009

Women are wonderful (part 2)

Women are wonderful. They really really are. And why is that? Because they have such powerful insight that they can see things through walls and barriers, whatever their thickness.

One example. Barry, 26 years old, pays a visit to his mother after 2 years of absence. He's got many things to say, he's got a lot of catch up to do. He fell in love, as a start. With a wonderful girl whose body and soul match his own body and soul. He got fired from his job but luckily found another one after months of starvation and bad cheques to cover the bills. He wrote a book, directed a film and played in a band that made it to television.
So he tells all that to his mum, and the first reply he gets is: "I see you wear a new scarf. When did you buy this one?"

Conclusion: "Lady day's got diamond eyes, she sees the truth behind the lies" (U2, Angel of Harlem). We may think women pay too much attention to detail but they don't. They just cut the crap and go for the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

yes indeed, women ARE wonderful and after all, where would you guys be without us?

Leon1234 said...

Great points!!!

Unknown said...

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Pierre Alexander said...

Why make money through your blog, Prince Naki? Stay pure and poor, just like me

Anonymous said...

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You stupid chauvinist pig !