Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rebel Rebel

There was a time in history when being a rebel consisted in affirmative action. Now you ask me: what the bloody hell is affirmative action? And I answer you: affirmative action is when you say "Yes, I do" or "Yes, I have" or "Yes we can". Affirmative action is when you positively do something while other people don't.

So how come affirmative action was the way of the rebels back in time? Well, look at James Dean. He basically said: "Yes I'm young but I can drive a car and I can drive it fast." Look at the French students in 1968, demonstrating and fighting cops in the streets while their parents were watching the show on TV at home. Remember the first guy who came at school holding a mobile phone in his right hand, and we were all like "Waouh, that's cool, does this thing really work?"
And what about the guy who publicly admitted then that he couldn't deal with just one girlfriend because he needed at least three at a time, the same who preached against mariage and stuff since it was after all, according to him, nothing else but a heartbreaking farewell to women?

These people were true rebels, pure avant-garde leaders because they had, did or could do something that we couldn't afford or were afraid of. What about now?

Well, now, these people aren't rebels anymore. They're just people like you and me. Sad and boring human waste waiting for the old garbage truck to collect their bones and send them to heaven. And that's because affirmative action is dead and buried.

The modern rebel now stands for something else; he stands for negative retroaction. And what is negative retroaction? Well, plain and simple, really. Negative retroaction is to say "No, I don't", "No, I haven't" or "No, we can't". Just check this: a 21th century 20-year-old chap who doesn't have a mobile phone, can't drive a car, doesn't yeal against the government, doesn't long for anything but one girl for life and doesn't plan to cheat on her. There are two options: either he's a retarded moron, or he's just a rebel. A rebel just like James Dean. Except nobody likes him.

PS: some may use the term affirmative action to refer to policies that take gender, race, or ethnicity into account in an attempt to promote equal opportunity. Well, fuck them.

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gonzodoctor said...

Why not, but...
Is living in Sost a rebel way of life ?

Pierre Alexander said...

only if you DON'T eat the cheese

seb said...

i like the last bit. plus your article convinced me once more that i am the only real person left

Anonymous said...

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