Monday, January 12, 2009

The meaning of life, part 3: cemetery plots

When do you buy a cemetery plot? The best time to buy was probably yesterday. The cost of a burial plot is rising like everything in our world. How do you choose a resting place? Take time and think about where you want your final resting place to be. You may want to be buried in the same cemetery that your family has used for years. If you live far from your family you may be looking at being buried around the area that you consider as home.The immediate location of the burial site will be an important decision. If the cemetery is hard to get to then it will be hard for your family to visit, and there will be times when they will want to visit. Make it easy on them.

The cost of a cemetery plot shouldn't deplete your bank account. If the cost is too exorbitant look elsewhere. When you check into the cost of the plot find out what it includes. If you have already made prearrangements with a funeral home then find out if the grave opening and closing, vault, and headstone or monument is included with your prearrangement. If so you may only need to pay the price for the plot itself. In larger cities you may find a municipal cemetery which will possibly be less of an expense than a private cemetery. Research your options in larger cities.

Ask about the cemetery rules. Will you have to be cremated in order to be placed in the cemetery of your choosing? What types of vaults do they allow or use? Do they allow flowers to be placed on your grave? Can your family come at any time to visit your grave or are there certain restrictions they must abide by? A funeral director may be able to assist you with names and contacts of cemeteries that they work with. Just make certain that the cemetery of your choice doesn't have rules that will be hard for your family to abide by.

In small communities you may be able to purchase several grave spaces at one time for family members so that you will have the family in the same location for generations to come.

For more information: ask your grandma

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gonzodoctor said...

thanks for your advices Pierre
I should ask to Mouche K how manage the funeral ceremony. By the way, I will probably burry her in Catalane, because she seems to be so attached by this land.
But I have to dig 10 m at least, she will risk to infect the place.
But before I must check the 2 other ''meaning of life''. Let's start...

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

I am going to be cremated.