Friday, October 24, 2008


A few months ago was the day of Blog Action Day Poverty. What is Blog Action Day Poverty? It's a yearly event uniting all the blogs of the webworld around this striking slogan: "I'm participating. Are you?"

I'm not and that's why.

for poverty... What can be say?
It doesn't sell, it isn't fun, it's useless and it even stinks sometimes. But like Morissey once sang, "some girls are bigger than others", and some poor are more cool than others, or less uncool if you prefer it.
To be poor and still media-cool, this is what you need to be:

1: Black. This is a must-be. White poor people are Bush oriented right wing racists who complain against minorities. Hispanics don't raise any sympathy. Maybe it's because of their accent or because they don't look poor enough, plus most of them can cook pretty well even with cheap ingredients. Lemon faces (chinese, japanese and other tribes) seem born to be poor and no one minds if they eat rats and dead pigeons, that's in their nature.

2: non-christian. Another must-be. Who can seriously pity a christian? He's born to suffer and a skinny body means a perfect soul. look at Jesus and the other saints.

3: Humility; the fashionable poor is humble and doesn't rebel against the mighty ones. He doesn't swear in front of the camera and doesn't even ask the cameraman to put away the fly he has in his eye. This is the typical ethiopian boy with a thousand flies around him. The guy is a celebrity, he doesn't even move.

And to close the subject, as Alan Price one sang: "poor people stay poor people for they don't understand, a man's got to take whatever he needs and grab it with his own hands"

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Laurent MATIGNON said...

"A few months ago was the day of Blog Action Day Poverty." :
not a few months ago... just a few days ago. Blog Action Day 2008 : Poverty

seb said...

very funny entry, my favourite one, you should really go politcal.
you may also come to good old germany to join a right wing extremist party (the biggest is called NPD, funny fact: Thy don't call their ideology Nationalsozialimus they call it Nationaler Sozialismus).
Matter of fact, there is a lot of potential for these parties, because espacially in the east people are stupid and poor and therefore tempted to vote for stupid ex-poor people. Relatives who "made it" so to say.
But they stay stupid though and therefore you could easily reach a lot of power. You just had to get rid of your charming accent, pal, cause accents are not to popular in the society...

seb said...

i just realized how many mistakes i made in the entry above. shocking...