Monday, October 27, 2008

Carassius auratus

Better know as the goldfish, this amazing animal is the most commonly kept aquarium fish. According to wikipedia, goldfish can grow up to a maximum length of 23 inches and is a domestic version of a dark-gray/brown carp native to East Asia.

The professor Pfebastian Pfelzer (her mother lost her teeth the day he was born and some think it had an impact on the spelling of his name) went deeper into the subject in his wordly-acclaimed study, De profundis animalium stupiditus species. And this is what he writes as a conclusion:

"Goldfish have no long time memory at all. As if this wasn't enough, their short time memory runs up to about two seconds. That is why a) you can't make them read or truefully love you as their keeper, but also b) why there is no law agains having a goldfish in a really tiny vase. He just keeps forgetting his miserable conduct of live."

Nothing could be further from my mind than arguing with this renowned scientist who already received the Nobel prize twice for his international breakthrough: "How to keep a woman standing on her head while Snoopy the dog is waiting for the lift".
But someone of equal reputation made his voice heard recently to object to these conclusions.

This is what Paris Hilton said to the Baltimore Sun about keeping a goldfish: "I couldn't see my life without him. Of course he can't sleep in my bed with my 17 dogs but everyone of us knows he's here, bubbling in his aquarium and that keeps us together, united as a family. Whenever I go downstairs in the morning I see him and he looks at me, like if he was saying 'Hi Paris, did yuu have a nice night?' He's really sensitive, and he really does his best to get along with my chihuaha."

Do you have a decisive argument to settle this run-in? Please feel free to post your opinions.

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