Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feminism, Age III

From the Suffragette parades of the 19th century to the women's magazines of the 60's, from Henry James' The Bostonians to Virginie Despentes' Baise-moi ("Fuck me"), feminism has changed its shape and content up to a point that nobody really knows where the initial movement has lead to.

One thing is sure: some clichés are dead and buried. Gone is the woman shown on the photo. The times when women took pride in outmuscling men are over. There is always the casual Texan female bulldozer challenging men at arm wrestling in a rodeo pub near Southfork Ranch, but she ranks now as a has-been.
The ugly fanatic university bachelorette of the 70's (the flat-chested one with greasy hair and shabby t-shirts) is a picture of the past. Too much yacking and not enough breasts.

The time has now come for the decisive changeover. Gorgeous chicks with perfect skin run riot at every level of the society and the results are quite devastating. Western women moved on from the boring initial claim of equality to the far more interesting challenge of installing feminity at the top of the podium.
How do they do that? Not by marching on the Sixth avenue with angry placards. Just by being themselves and forcing men to adapt. No need for a march when you have catwalking. No need to get violent if men get softer. No need for aging since L'Oréal's Revitalift.

All they really have to do now is to wait for the old-line sexist male generation from the good old 50's to kick the bucket. The next generation is ready to wear skirts.

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Anonymous said...

take a look at Kettering'women !
what's a good example !

seb said...

true. example from the domestic sphere of a unknown guy i know. lets call him pebastin p. He lives with a good friend of his and the girlfriend of the latter who was once pebastian's girlsfriend but these times are long gone and not even interesting enough to be topic for a dust covered history book of short-term relations. Also, pebastians current girlfriend was in the flat at that very moment. Let's call her "current girl" and the other one "current ex".
pebastian and his friend are washing the dishes after a neat meal the two of them had prepared for their loved ones. While the handsome males where doing so, their partners where drinking beer and watching the german national soccer team destroying the hopes of a third world country. Later that evening going to a club was considered. At that time another male friend of the persons present had joined the table. Lets call him alexander for that is his real name. The girls wanted to hit the club whereas the guys where really exhausted from a hard day of cooking, reading books, writing poems and beeing polite where in favour of a decent night in. So the females left, not without calling their beloved ones 'pathetic loosers' and worse. Then the event took place that i have built such a long introduction for: Alexander notices the empty packaging of an imersion blender on the floor and asks: Oh, did you guys get yourselfes a brand new imersion blender?
Pebastian stands in the corner feeling only a little ccastrated when he sees his roommate, going to the cupboard, taking out the imersion blender and proudly showing it to the alexander. Look at it it only costs 15 euro and its really powerfull, you can make great soups with it and its also really easy to clean and so on...

Anonymous said...

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