Thursday, February 26, 2009

Figures of today: the man-machine

Ever heard of Kraftwerk? Of course you have. It was this famous German electronic band of the mid-70's who set the sonic blueprint for the New Wave and techno music of the decades to come. Their 1978 album "The Man-Machine" was the peak of their career as composers and modern pop visionaries, their songs establishing science fictionesque links between humans and technology.

The interesting thing about science-fiction is that with the everchanging course of progress, one never knows whether science fictional artworks will still be considered that way 20 or 40 years later. Thanks to the worldly triumphant politically correct, George's Orwell Newspeak is no longer science-fiction, but a sociological truth. A welcome victory for some, a sad backward step for others, a reality for all.

So how is doing the man-machine concept in 2009's world? Well, pretty well indeed. That's if you consider that what qualifies a human being is his intelligence, his education, his instinct and his dealing with failure, while the machine is all about certainty and figures. The facts are that the man-machine of 2009 , thanks to the helping hand of science and technology, is really close to perfection.

The man-machine still needs a brain to learn and produce sounds with his mouth and penis/vagina to transmit/receive the seeds of love, but that's all that is required if he chooses to keep things neat and simple. The machine part does the rest.

Love: move your feet to the computer, turn it on, log-in on website, type in the correct boxes "female", "between 28 and 30", "love clubbing and evening with friends", "urban lifestyle", "non smoking" and you get it: another (wo)man-machine, aged 31, who loves clubbing and evening with friends, who lives in New-York and doesn't smoke. Date her on the fifth avenue, do your part of small talk, watch out for bad breath and you're in for a sitter.

Social life: do the same on but make sure to untick the "relationship/involvement" box, or the machine might get it wrong.

Job: pretty easy, really. Pay another man-machine to have your work profile sensibly computerized and get your new Identikit, process the relevant databases for the match and wake up on time for the interview. Mistrust your instinct? Afraid of the final step?
No need to panic. Just train your brain to memorize that first: The man-machines who wrote it are devoted to your success.

Amazing sense of well-being: go out and buy Guitar Hero on XBox360, follow the instructions, get up the scale step by step, and enjoy. The sounds that you produce with your fingers are really yours, and all the clapping from the people in the audience are all for you!

Conclusion: the man-machine is safe. Some gentle souls have cleared the road for him. No more mistakes, no more shyness, no more anxiety, no more anguish about lack of self-recognition. The man-machine doesn't need a soul, he barely needs a brain and he can draw a cross on his Cro-Magnonesque instincts. Better leave that to the stupid ideal-seeking human being, who'll see what it takes to pick-up a girl in a bar, learn to play the guitar, improvize during an interview and dream his life while reading Byron and Salinger.

(But please, Mr/Mrs Man-machine, pity the poor fellow. He doesn't have your strength, you know)

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lovelyprism said...

Very poetic.
I've just returned from Paris, it's quite lovely.

gonzodoctor said...

tut tut tut tut...
tut tut tut tut ?
tut ! Alexander tut tut tut tuuuuut
tut tut tuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii brussssssssss BOUM

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